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It was March 27, 2005 when this medical show first aired on TV. Back then I was a bored 3rd Year High School student who had nothing to do in life and who decided to watch a premiere of a show.

Today is March 27, 2014 this medical show is still rocking the scene and I am now a 4th year Medical Clerk or Junior Intern aspiring to be a surgeon. 

Look what you did to me Grey’s —> You gave me the idea of who and what I wanted to be. Thank you. :)

HAPPY 9th year ANNIVERSARY Grey’s Anatomy! 

HAPPY 9th year to the ORIGINALS! 





Dr. Burke is back

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He is wearing a suit! So not dying I guess.

maybe he’s in a casket :)

I really think they are up for the same award and Yang wins in the episode “I’m winning”

And I just realized Stacy McKee wrote tonights eppy, so it’s going to be good :)

N hopefully Calzona get good screentime. I’ll take 3 mins! Lol

It’s ok to talk about it

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Meredith + 10x16 “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”

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grey’s anatomy meme: nine episodes

↳ (9x01) going, going, gone (9/9)


Grey’s Anatomy + Nicknames